Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Buzz

Buzz enjoys relaxing in the wilds of Maine

Word's out.  The Lake Where Loon Lives will be available May 16 (see prior posting.  Remember, you can now pre-order it on Islandport Press ( or Amazon!).  As Buzz thinks he's the star in the story, I didn't want to tell him about the May 16 release because, well...


So, he gloats.  He smugs (yes, that's a verb).  Grabs his horn and flies out to the lake to find Mama Loon.  Then, dropping his little, green blanket onto her feathers ("I didn't wanna ruffle anything"), he pours himself a pink soda he's been saving for just this occasion, adjusts his Very Cool Socks, and proceeds to let the entire lake know He Has Arrived.

No wonder he's (jokingly) called The Maine State Bird. 

But wait.  Oh.  Hey.  Listen to that.  What's he playing?  No.  Can't be.  Mozart?  Really?  From Mr. Miles Buzz Fly?  It IS!  Mozart's Trumpet Concerto in Eb!  And he's goooooooooood...

Who knew?  And to think, I thought all Maine flies were non-musicians who thrived on harassing us with their One Note Jingle (from the famous In Your Face Symphony).  Buzz in particular.  But no, he does have a heart.  He just needed to be so Over The Top Excited about something that he'd dare to show it.

I stand corrected.